Sub-Construction (VHF)

Aluminium back-ventilated rainscreen cladding support system

Alu TP GmbH offers a number of brackets and profiles for the aluminium back-ventilated rainscreen cladding support systems. All brackets, known as ATPFix, are available as medium and large elements and are provided with an integrated thermal separation. All products are on stock.

Advantages of the AluTP subsctructre for back-ventilated façades

Fitting of the ATPFix bracket
It is possible to align the profiles accurately using the punched clamping spring. The ATPFix can compensate unevenness of up to 4 cm. The clamping springs hold the profile in place until it is fixed permanently in its final position with self-tapping screws.

Screwing the ATPFix bracket element with the profiles into the round holes creates a fixed point which non-positively dissipated the weight loads of the cladding into the masonry.

Movement due to thermal longitudinal expansion of the profiles is possible if the self-tapping screws are fixed in the slots. The wind pressure and wind suction loads are also transferred non-positively into the masonry.

Extra care must be taken during installation to ensure that the profiles are only used storey high. Only one fixed point should be provided per profile – otherwise sliding points must be created.

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