Aluminium – The Sustainable Metal


We want to be an active partner for sustainable aluminum solutions. For more than two years now, we at ALU TP GmbH have been using an aluminum alloy with reduced CO2-equivalent emissions.

The Sustainable Metal from ALU TP has a maximum CO2 footprint equivalent of 4 kg per kg of aluminum. This corresponds to around a quarter of the global average emissions from aluminum products and is significantly less than for conventional European products.

Aluminum - the recycling metal

Aluminum is an excellent recyclable raw material. Compared to many other raw materials, it retains its first-class mechanical and chemical properties in the recycling process: aluminum can be recycled almost endlessly without any loss of quality.

The use of recycled aluminum contributes to a significant reduction in emissions. Recycled aluminum requires only 5% of the energy needed to produce primary aluminum, and CO2 emissions are reduced by 80%.

Secondary aluminum significantly improves the ecological footprint of aluminum products.

Recycle aluminum with us

Around a third of the world's annual aluminum demand is already covered by recycled aluminum. Help us to further improve this proportion and recycle your aluminum with us!

Steps in the recycling of aluminum

We return your secondary aluminum to the production cycle. The aluminum is collected by type to avoid downcycling. It is then crushed, melted and purified. This raw material is turned into aluminum billets - your raw material for an environmentally friendly future.

Economically sustainable

The use of aluminum with reduced CO2 emissions is also economically sustainable. The extensive use of renewable energies and the collection and processing of recycled material are only marginally more expensive than the use of primary aluminum.

Equally relevant - the use of sustainable secondary aluminum makes us less dependent on the volatile international raw material markets for primary material. This contributes to your security of supply and ensures your long-term competitiveness.

You too can benefit

Obtain your aluminum profiles from The Sustainable Metal of ALU TP GmbH and thus automatically rely on a sustainable use of resources. You too can benefit from the advantages!

Certificate - CO2 emissions saved

We issue our customers with a confirmation of the use of our sustainable The Sustainable Metal. The Certificate of Use provides information on the calculated CO2 emission equivalent saved.

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