Sustainability is a topic of comprehensive importance. Mechanical engineering also has to address sustainability and take measures to counteract climate change.

Therefore, ALU TP GmbH has decided to reduce the carbon footprint of its products. Beginning in 2022, all Aluminium Technology Profiles from Series 1 and Series 2 are produced with a carbon footprint equivalent of a maximum of 4kg per kg of aluminum. This corresponds to about a quarter of the emissions of global average aluminium products and significantly less than average European products. With this measure, ALU TP GmbH is a first mover in improving the sustainability of aluminium products for the machine construction industry.

Two steps contribute to achieving the CO2 equivalent of 4 kg per kg of aluminum. First, the extensive use of sustainable energy in all production steps. Second, a high proportion of up to 80 percent of recycled material is used. Aluminum is excellently recyclable material and does not lose any quality through the recycling process. It is particularly noteworthy that recycled aluminum requires only 5% of the energy and 20% of the carbon emissions needed for primary aluminum for production. Thus, the use of recycled material significantly improves the environmental footprint of aluminum products.

We are happy to take back your ALU TP automation technology profiles and return them to the cycle of use. Please do not hesitate to ask about our current collection price!

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